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U.S. Magnetix has been manufacturing custom magnets for our friends at Magnetic Poetry since 1995. If you found us through Magnetic Poetry or were just searching the web, we hope you'll like our custom word kit offerings. If you have any questions or would like to see a sample of our quality work, please contact John Condon at 1-800-330-1432 or john@usmagnetix.comInterested in placing an order? What we need is your word list in a word document or text file (not excel and not numbered).  We need the list sorted in order from largest to smallest in character size.  Along with the word list, we need your logo or background art (if applicable).  The best way to send that is an EPS, pdf or high resolution tif file.  Our standard lead time is 7-10 business days from proof approval.  If you need something sooner, please ask and we will do our best to accommodate that.

Thanks for checking us out! We look forward to helping you with your custom magnet project.

usm 2013 updated pricing

Options & Pricing

Magnet Options25050010001500200025005000
A. 4.25" x 4.25", 20-phrase kit (with 1.75" x 1.75" logo), 4-color litho-lam1.320.960.790.730.710.690.67
B. 4" x 5.25", 60-word kit (with 2" x 4" logo), 4-color litho-lam1.320.960.790.730.710.69  0.67
B2. 4" x 5.125", 77-word kit (w/ three logos), 4-color litho-lam1.320.960.790.730.710.690.67
C. 4" x 5.125", 73-word kit (with 1.125" x 2.3125" logo), 4-color litho-lam 1.320.96 0.79 0.73 0.71 0.69  0.67
D. 5" x 5", 32-word kit (with 2.5" x 2" logo), 4-color litho-lam1.491.130.960.910.890.880.85
E. 7" x 5", 137-word kit (with 2.25" x 1.5" logo), 4-color litho-lam1.841.481.311.
F. 7" x 5", 48-word kit frame (with 3"x5" pop-out center), 4-color litho-lam1.841.481.311.
G. 6.875" x 4.875", 71-word kit (with 10 small image cavities), 4-color litho-lam1.881.591.371.311.281.261.12
H. 7.71" X 5.35", 102-word kit (with 3.5" x 3" logo), 4-color litho-lam1.841.481.311.
I. 8.5" X 4.5", 175-word kit (with 4.5" x 1"logos), 4-color litho-lam2.181.821.681.641.621.611.44
J. 72-word kit, 1-color screen print1.691.040.730.620.560.540.47
K. 110-word kit, 1-color screen print2.241.471.090.960.900.860.78
L. 220-word kit, 1-color screen print2.832.061.681.571.491.451.37
Packaging Options25050010001500200025005000
M. clear plastic bag0.380.350.340.330.320.310.28
N. clear plastic bag with 30pt chipboard backer0.480.440.430.420.410.40  0.37
O. clear plastic bag with 30pt chipboard backer and 1-color (black) insert0.740.70 0.69 0.68 0.67 0.66  0.63
P. clear plastic bag with 30pt chipboard backer and 4-color insert0.920.870.860.850.840.830.79
Q. tin box (3.9" x 2.45" for 110 or 220-word kit), w/ 3.25" x 1.75" logo magnet2.792.362.
R. tin box (3.9" x 2.45" for 110 or 220-word kit), w/ logo sticker on outside of box2.


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