Industrial Magnets/Magnet Receptive

We want to be your go-to magnetics guru. Your number one, one-stop shop for all things magnetic. That’s why we carry so many magnets for so many applications and industries, and why we work so hard to deliver Ultimate Service on every job.

Neodymium Magnets

The most powerful magnets in the world! We carry discs and blocks in a wide range of sizes and weights. Learn more about our neodymium magnets or buy directly from our online store

Magnet Receptive

Magnet receptive tape or plates are great for point of purchase displays, package closures, crafts, and more. Learn more about our magnet receptive tape or buy directly from our online store

Magnet Assemblies

The low cost to high strength ratio of Magnetic Assemblies provide big bang for the buck! The combination of a ceramic magnet and a steel casing make Magnetic Assemblies over 30 times stronger than a ceramic magnet alone. Choose from round base, pan-head and channel magnet assemblies. Learn more about our magnetic assemblies or buy direcectly from our online store.

Adhesive Magnet

Rolls, sheets and individual pieces of magnetic adhesive at wholesale level pricing for virtually any industry or application you can think of. 

Label Magnets

Label magnets make it simple to magnetize your direct mail, business cards and calendars. They are available in a dizzying array of widths and thicknesses, and are customizable for specific applications. Label magnets are supplied on a roll with gaps for automatic application. 

Ceramic Magnets

Charcoal gray in color, hard and brittle. Low cost with good holding strength. Ceramics can be used for arts & crafts, refrigerator magnets, holding up POP signage, and many other things. Learn more about our ceramic magnets or buy direcectly from our online store.

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